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Tax Training

Our Mission: “Financial Literacy for All"

Ray and Theresa have always been of the opinion that every Canadian taxpayer should know how to complete a basic tax return. While we recommend having your taxes handled by the professionals at Northern Tax and Financial, we still believe it’s important for our clients to understand their financial standing and financial growth from one year to the next. To involve yourself is to educate yourself. Educating yourself beginning with this simple step will help you on your way to financial literacy!


Beginning in September this year, Northern Tax and Financial will be offering a basic income tax course at a very reasonable rate to be completed by correspondence. Those interested in working for Northern Tax and Financial are welcome to apply. However, this is not our main goal. Teaching you how to prepare a basic tax return and helping you prepare your very first tax return is the main goal.


If you are interested or would like more information about our basic income tax course, we welcome you to send your inquiry through our convenient eform.

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We are happy to answer your basic tax questions free of charge

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