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Business and Individual Tax Services in North Bay and Kingston

If you’re looking for business or individual tax services in North Bay or Kingston, call upon the professionals at Northern Tax and Financial. We are committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations! From providing mobile services for our clients managing mobility issues to answering basic tax questions free of charge for our younger clients still learning the ins and outs of their taxes, we believe in providing a personalized approach to our services in a manner that’s tailored to their specific needs.

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All tax clients at Northern Tax and Financial will benefit from having their tax returns prepared and efiled by one of our professional team members. This will include a complimentary review of their income tax return with recommendations for the following year at no extra charge. Where necessary, a paid consultation may be recommended.

We also file T1 adjustments and we provide pre- and post-assessment help and audit assistance.

We Accept Clients at any Stage of the Income Tax Process

Even if you filed your return or someone else did and you face a puzzling post-assessment review or audit, we can help! To assist you in preparing for your income tax filing, feel free to download our tax organizer. Organizing your tax information will help alleviate some of the stress most people face come tax time!


From smaller business to larger enterprises, business owners can find tax time extremely stressful. Since 1996, from shoe box to neatly prepared and documented financial statements, small business owners have trusted us to prepare their income tax returns and have found the experience easy and uncomplicated.

At Northern Tax and Financial, not only do we prepare small business returns but also make recommendations on how to improve. For some, this may mean bookkeeping recommendations, for others, this may mean better cost control. But all small business owners can rest assured that a thorough review of their small business return and recommendations are provided free of charge. We also invite small business owners to discuss future plans for their business and we’ll assist in any way we can.

In addition to this, pre-tax planning for individuals and small business owners is available year round.


Consultations should be by definition money spent to save money!

The pre-tax planning consultations and small business consultations that we offer go a long way in assisting you to maximize your tax savings and help you keep more of your hard earned money. Far too often, taxpayers wait until tax time only to find out that even a brief discussion, quick call or paid consultation with their tax professional could have saved them a lot of money.

Education is power and key to financial success! If you’d like to learn more about our range of services, we welcome you to give us a call today.

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We provide bookkeeping, accounting, payroll and HST/WSIB services

Tax Training

Beginning in the fall, we will be offering a basic income tax correspondence course

Contact Us

We are happy to answer your basic tax questions free of charge

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